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Guy Daniel Vastola, producer and owner of City Lights Recording Studio, has made this New Jersey's premier State of the Art Digital Recording Complex. Offering the best in both digital and analog recording technology, and conveniently located just one hour from Manhattan, one hour from Philadelphia, one hour from Atlantic City and only minutes from the Jersey Shore.

The fully automated Studio A offers a unique sound all its own. It was constructed from the ground up to house open microphones -- a uniquely designed control room that landed the cover of Mix Magazine's "The Class of the 1990's" issue. Centering around a NEVE VR 60 fully automated recording console and out board gear from Yamaha, Lexicon, AMS, Eventide, Summit Audio, Drawmer, Orban, Digidesign, Roland, Tascam, TC Electronics and Sony. The studio is maintained directly by the manufacturer's finest engineers. 

Our pre-production suite offers all the essential tools to make your project simply work including engineering and other assistance to guide you through it. From vintage gear to the latest upgrades with complete sound libraries offered by us to ensure your project's outcome sounds great.


Call today and set up a'll see why City Lights Recording Studio has been the choice for many artist and producers for over 30 years!!


Phone: (732) 938-4565




Guy appears in a Lloyd Price Tribute

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